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techtron® TS3+ EVO Electric Scooter

Sale price$516.00
Color:techtron Orange


Discover the techtron® TS3+ EVO - urban mobility redefined and engineered to perfection. Zip through the city at a thrilling top speed of 30km/h* and enjoy a generous 30km range, all in unmatched style. With advanced indicators and bright LED headlights, the TS3+ EVO ensures you’re seen and safe, wrapped in a sleek design.

Engineered from aerospace-grade super lightweight aluminium, this aerodynamic scooter offers unmatched portability without compromising on durability. Its exceptional material ensures the perfect balance between strength and lightness, ready to face the urban jungle with agility and ease.

Keep your devices charged with the onboard USB port and stay informed with the intuitive digital display. Enhanced with a smart APP, your rides become smarter and more enjoyable. Plus, with convenient bottle and phone holders, it's equipped for any adventure.

The TS3+ EVO is more than a scooter; it's a lifestyle choice for seamless commuting, exploring, or simply enjoying the journey. Embrace the future of travel with the TS3+ EVO, where cutting-edge technology, convenience, and style come together for an unparalleled riding experience.

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*adjustable with APP.